Every failure in life is an opportunity to overcome. Here are some of my most proudest achievements as a designer, educator and business owner.

Launched an Educational YouTube channel

In January 2021, I decided to shift more of my focus towards education and helping the next generation of creatives elevate in their field. As a first step towards the new vision, I re-launched my YouTube channel to focus on educational content around design and business.

🏆 10K+ subscribers in 4 months and growing!

Presented at Digital Design Days

Digital Design Days is an online conference that brings together over 60,000 creatives from all around the world. I was invited to speak and share about my tactical, lean UX design framework.

🏆 Opportunity to share my knowledge with 60,000+ creatives

Became an Advisor at is a global early-stage VC. I was invited to become an official advisor to help their portfolio of startups navigate through the journey of product validation and growth. I spend most of my time helping founders implement tactical strategies to grow their business.

Bootstrapped a 10 full-time person UX design agency

In 2015-2020 I built Mizko Media a highly focused and specialised UX design agency from the ground up. We worked with some of Australia's most reputable startups and government backed organisations. Bootstrapping a business to 10 full-time employees has been one of the most challenging endeavours I have faced in the business world.

Presented at Spaceship Tech Talks

In 2016 I was invited by Spaceship (one of my clients) to speak and present at Spaceship Tech Talks. I shared my journey as a creative entrepreneur to 100+ designers and founders.

Hosted the Adobe Facebook LIVE at Adobe Max

In 2016 Adobe invited me to attend to Adobe MAX conference as an Insider. I was also responsible for hosting the Facebook LIVE session about UX Design at the event.

Invited to be an Adobe Insider at Adobe MAX

As an "influencer" and "content creator" in the UX field, Adobe invited me to attend the Adobe MAX as an insider. My role was to document and share my learnings and insights from the event with my wider audience.

Partnered with Microsoft to promote the Surfacebook Pro

In 2016, Microsoft reached out with a partnership to create an advertisement to help promote the Surfacebook Pro.

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