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Cox Automotive Australia (Part of the Cox family, a Fortune 500 company) approached Mizko Media to strategise, design and re-define the way Australians buy and sell cars. The goal was simple, we wanted to introduce a new experience that was seamless, smart and also engineered for growth.

My role was to lead the product design and "design-driven-development" processes. I handled everything from creating timelines, managing sprints, driving the design thinking and visuals to working closely with our development team to hit our tight deadlines.

Autotrader User Research


The project started off with an intensive, 2 week research and discovery sprint. This included everything from desk research, user interviews to data analysis. All the learnings were compiled and presented back to the business.

From our learnings we were able to conclude with a few clear pain points and user needs that would . A well thought through experience is one that not only looks great but provides tangible value and makes the user feel comfortable and empowered.


  • Selling method that is "Worth it"
  • Easy to build, reliable, safe advertising space
  • Safe way to manage car buyers and car inspections


  • Sell quicker
  • Sell at desired price
  • Not having to deal with 'timewasters'


There was no time to waste. Our primary focus was to launch a minimal valuable product within 12 weeks; design and development included. Upon finalising the research sprint, I immediately put together a number of rapid prototypes based on our learnings and my previous 6 years in the two sided marketplace industry.

Autotrader Funnel


I'm extremely passionate about conversion rate optimisation and growth. This can be seen through all the design decisions I make when designing products. I guess that's why my clients enjoy working with me!

When we started the design phase, I thought to myself how can we optimise this as much as possible for conversions. How can we design an experience that motivates users to complete the funnel and make it through to the end? 

I simply could not live with the idea of another glorified, 'good-looking' form that most competitors in the industry are doing.

Autotrader Funnel


What's the biggest motivator we can use to attract potential car sellers onto our platform?

Give them what they want.

Through our research, we identified one of the biggest pain points when selling a car is not knowing what the market value is. Knowing that Autotrader had access to a significant amount of data (they also own, I approached the team to see how we could utilise it to create a unique and value packed experience.

With our competitors we realised users were required to add a significant amount of data without much feedback or reward. The only reason they were able to get away with this was because there simply aren't that many marketplaces out there.

It was time to set ourselves apart and engineer a funnel for higher retention. Upon landing on Autotrader, we simply ask you for your number plate, we immediately pull through all your car details and provide you an estimated value on your car.

Within a few screens, we not only solve one of the major pain points of not knowing how to price your vehicle, but we also helped users bypass the need to manually type in tedious details. We turned a generic, data grabbing form into a value packed experience our customers love!

Autotrader Camera

Snap and Upload

From our learnings, we also realised users expressed frustrations about having to send photos to a desktop to upload their photos. With that in mind we provided an extremely seamless experience for users to snap and upload directly from their mobile device.

As a product, it is in our best interest to optimise the experience so users are guided along the optimal path. It's our goal to help people sell their car in the shortest amount of time. Through excessive testing and research, we found the 'magic number of photos' and engineered the experience with 'masks' to help guide the user in taking the right amount of photos, with the right views intact.

Autotrader Launch Party


In September 2018, the platform was finally released into the wild. The Autotrader team held a launch party where we all got together again for some food, bevvies and laughs. It was great to hear that the newly launched marketplace was generating some incredible results and it practically out performed the CarsGuide marketplace from day 1.

6 months in, AutoTrader now serves 95,000+ car listings and growing everyday!

"It was great working with you! Such a fun, fast paced project that produced a great product!"


Fawne Rowlands

Fawne Rowlands
Senior Product Manager - AutoTrader