Welcome friend. I’m Michael Wong (better known as Mizko) an Internationally Recognised, Freelance Product (UI & UX) Designer from Sydney, Australia.


My journey to where I am today is a little different. My parents came to Australia with nothing more than $100 in their pockets. What that meant was I grew up watching far too many Jackie Chan and kung fu movies for my own good. I eventually had aspirations in becoming a Shaolin Monk. Yes, I trained martial arts 4 days a week; from Tae Kwon Do and Wu Shu to Wing Chun. However that dream was quickly forgotten when I stumbled across the world wide web.

In my early teenage years, I was an avid gamer with an entrepreneurial spark. I went from running my own gaming forum and designing $5 logos to creating a network of MySpace proxy sites since my school placed a ban on it. They eventually went viral, with over 300,000 visits a month. I slapped a couple of Google Ads on them, which meant I could help my parents cover months of home bills in advance.

I didn’t realise but what happened next  was going to change my life forever. I stumbled upon affiliate marketing at the age of 17 and made my first $200,000 online. I learnt how design, copy and the web worked. I was utilising social media as a form of marketing channel before it became a thing. Fast forward a few years of countless hours of hustling, building more products and tinkering around on the web. I’m now a Founder (and ‘Exitter’), Product & UX Designer, Mentor, Ambassador and Influencer.

As a Product & UX Designer I’ve had the privilege to lead design teams and work with startups from Y Combinator, a number of Australia’s startup success stories to global digital corporations. This includes, Adobe, Westpac, Snappr (YC), Lantern (YC), PhoneWagon (NYC), Freelancer (IPO), Hipages (AUS), Spaceship (AUS) and more. You can see what they’ve said about me.

My  work has also been featured on highly acclaimed press sites including TechCrunch, Business Insider, TNW, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and more. In 2016, I was also invited to the AdobeMAX event in San Diego as an Insider and was also responsible for hosting their Live UX show.  Following that, Microsoft invited me to join their team as a Brand Ambassador to help bring their tools closer to the creative community.

Aside from pushing pixels I also love to write. I have collaborated with Shopify to talk about UX and
e-Commerce, Adobe on Freelancing as a UX Designer and last but not least I write a weekly newsletter about design and entrepreneurship to over 5,500 readers. Sharing what I’ve learnt so others can make the most of their beginnings means the most to me.

I’m also the co-founder of Product Hunt’s #1 Product of the Day UI Garage and Bukket. UI Garage is a platform dedicated to serving weekly design inspiration and patterns for product designers. With over 20,000 visits a month, we have quickly become a recognised brand for designers. Bukket is an all-in-one screen capture and recording Chrome Extension for creatives. With over 2,000 active users a day, we plan on further developing the product and making it the one and only tool for designers to store all their assets in one place. 

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