Binging Jackie Chan movies growing up led me into believing I was destined to become a Shaolin Monk. However those aspirations were short lived. My sister later introduced me to Gunbound and Neopets, two highly popular online games. This led me down a rabbit hole of discovering the internet, creating my very first website and generating over $300,000 through affiliate marketing at the age of 18.

I pushed my first pixel and wrote my very first line of code in 2008. Since then I have been blessed with an abundance of opportunities. I have had the privilege to lead design for 2 Australian listed companies; HiPages (HPG) and (FLN).

Between 2014-2015, I was also given the opportunity to work with some of the world's largest tech companies; Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. I did date the idea of leaving everything in Australia behind, but I decided to pursue my passion for business instead.

In 2015 I jumped out into the world of business to begin my freelance journey. Between 2015 and 2020, I scaled my freelance gig into a 10 full-time person design agency called Mizko Media. Throughout this experience, I led strategy and design for 100+ companies, helping them raise over $500M+ in venture capital. You might even recognise some of the startup and brand names:

  • PhoneWagon Acquired '21
  • AutotraderAcquired '20
  • Freelancer.comASX Listed
  • OpenLearningASX Listed
  • HiPagesASX Listed
  • SpaceshipFunded
  • ZipmexFunded
  • SnapprFunded
  • HeyYouFunded
  • AgriWebbFunded
  • ArchistarFunded
  • OneflareFunded
  • ClueyLearningFunded
  • Poncho Insurance (IAG)Funded
  • LoopitFunded
  • Yard Home LoansFunded
  • STROPROFunded
  • iSeekPlantFunded

Building an internationally recognised design agency unlocked endless opportunities. This included everything from:

  • Partnered with Microsoft to promote the Surfacebook Pro
  • Invited to be an Adobe Insider at Adobe MAX
  • Hosted the Adobe Facebook LIVE at Adobe Max
  • Presented at Spaceship Tech Talks
  • Became an Advisor at
  • Presented at Digital Design Days
  • Launched an Educational YouTube channel

In 2021 I have re-prioritised my attention across a few areas. Education, advisory and mentorship. Mizko Media still operates but on a much smaller scale with a focus on a very selective clientele.

If you want to learn more about me or even catchup over a coffee (or a Zoom-ffee), get in touch and I'd love to chat.